Best cloud build for a Freakshow

The simpler the better. I just can't get this thing to produce clouds. Keep in mind I'm a new builder, and my Sigelei can't fire below .15. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just got the Smok Alien 220w Mod Kit. Want to upgrade the Baby Beast tank to something bigger?

Want something that holds more juice and gives out bigger clouds. Any suggestions besides the Beast Daddy??

Wicking the Serpent Alto

Anybody have the serpent Alto? Can't seem to wick it right.

Tried wicking it pancake style and it's flooding like crazy. I end up drinking the juice on the first few pulls. Not nice. Lol.

Also tried closing the air flow before refilling and it floods once I open it even if I turned it upside down before opening the airflow.

Tastes great though after I lose half the tank from leaking and me drinking some of it. Attached pics for reference….

Wicking the Serpent Alto

mixing ice menthol

Hi Guys

I tried my hand at mixing my own a few months back but didnt have much success, I normally vape goodejuice ice cold menthol 6mg, was trying to make a flavor like that. All the combos I tried tasty too nasty, with that chemical aftertaste.

Any suggestions for ingredients? With all these new laws & taxes in the works I need to be able to make my own eventually


Sculptured Vape Organiser

Its basic, but its a starting point for inspiration?

First attempt of sculpturing using an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block (AAC block) or Ytong Block.

It is a MAOI sculpture (from Easter Island).

The inset wood on the left has 4 x 510 threaded adapters for holding atties and on right is a small pocket dug out for basic tools etc
On the front, a cut out an area to sit the coil resistance meter.

<a href="” target=”_blank”>View attachment 641745

<img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie14″ alt=”;)” title=”Wink ;)” />

Lotus Jellyfish mod

Im new to vaping so i dont have much knowledge here but when i got the jellyfish everything was working wonderfully. Two days later something happend that i have no iea of what could have caused my experience to go from perfectly smoothe and enjoyable to perfectly unenjoyable and super unsmoothe and leaking. It chokes me out everytime i try it.

How To: Fix Limitless RDTA Box Mod from leaking

Hey everyone,
First time writing a tutorial on here. Been a while since i've posted. Final semester of collage is a killer. But anyways, I wanted to share this one with you all.

So my RDTA Box mod has been leaking. I use my mech mod quite regularly, and when im not using the RDTA, it sits vertically on my tool bench. I noticed that the last few times I went to use it, the bottom piece (where you insert the batteries) was soaked in juice. I could not figure out why though, since i knew it…

<a href="”>How To: Fix Limitless RDTA Box mod from leaking


Questions about my RX200S

Hi. I have just got an RX200S and I have been online and updated the firmware. I have worked out how to do logos and have changed my screen to a space invaders screen but I am mystified and baffled as to how get it to display a clock and I am not sure how to access the menu on it to change settings such as screen saver etc. I have spent hours banging my head against a brick wall tonight trying to do it and I am generally good with tech and gadgets I just can't work…


Wicking techniques for chasing clouds.

Which way do you prefer to wick your low ohm coils? Do you tuck underneath? Tuck behind? Clip the edges without tucking? I've tried lots of different methods and I've found two that work well for me.

The first ones is with a single piece of cotton, threaded thru both coils and folded over between the posts. There's no cotton under or behind the coil, and the coil is positioned high up so that airflow will come in and under the coil. The only downside is that I only get a couple of hits…

Wicking techniques for chasing clouds.

What will give me a denser vape?

I have only 2 kinds of wire to work with ATM.

Demon killer fused clapton wire 28ga*2+32ga (which I do not really enjoy working with so much)

UD Builders Choice 24ga Kanthal A1(plan on making it parallel)

I was reading and watching videos on making parallel coils with the 24ga wire and it seems like I may be able to manage that.

The question is: What would give me a denser, and faster, vape with the same size coils? Say wrapped on a 2.5mm screwdriver 6 or 6.5 times?

I will be building on…

<a href="”>What will give me a denser vape?

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