Which is a better build for a mech mod

I cant decide what to build and what battery to choose for sub ohming above .17
My goal is more clouds i dont really care about flavor as long as its just fine
A. Dual 22 gauge kanthal 8 wraps on 3mm
B. Dual 24 gauge kanthal 5 wraps on 3mm
C. Dual 24 parallel kanthal 8 wraps on 3mm
D. Dual 26 parallel kanthal 6 wraps on 3mm

You guys can suggest better builds(kanthal only) and batteries for cloud chasing . Kindly state the ohms of…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/which-is-a-better-build-for-a-mech-mod.306765/”>Which is a better build for a mech mod

Calculator Spreadsheet

Download Link

I have compiled, tweaked and adapted a few spreadsheets that i have found around using Dan's as the base.

it Features

ohms law Calculator watts to Volts
Kanthal Coil Calculator
Nicotine Base mixing Calculator
<a href="https://vaping.com/eliquid?utm_source=ECF&utm_medium=Wordlink&utm_term=Eliquid&utm_campaign=Wordlink%20-%20Eliquid” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>E-liquid Mixing Calculator
Recipe Maker (some default ones from Dan Calculator)

i have got rid of all the pre installed flavors and added a section for you to add your own to the…

<a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/calculator-spreadsheet.788971/”>Calculator Spreadsheet

Nautilus question

Hello everybody, I have a question concerning the Aspire Nautilus 5ml tank. I just received two of these and I am a little curious as to why the flavor doesn't seem to be nearly as good as the Aspire ET-S glassomizer. I have tried the 1.6, 1.8 1.2 Triton mini and the 1.8 Triton mini clapton and all seem to fall short of the flavor intensity I get from the ET-S with the 2.1 coil. Can anybody give me some pointers on how I might boost the flavor in the Nautilus tanks? Thanks for any…

Nautilus question

Temp control for stainless steel atomizer heads

Hi everyone!

I'm new here (but an active lurker) and semi-new to vaping. I've been vaping since last August but really got into it around Thanksgiving. Haven't had a cigarette since then!

Anywho, I'm curious as to how to work temp control with stainless steel coil heads. I keep searching but I usually run into answers regarding rebuildables. I use a super tank mini and have discovered dotmod coils and how amazing they taste (to me anyways!) I initially used the twisted coils of theirs but…

Temp control for stainless steel atomizer heads

Ideal wattage for tfv8 rba

I've had the tfv8 original for ages now. And just wicked the coils. After watching YT videos I believe they read about 0.28 to 0.29. I don't have a ohms reader and I've never used a non factory built Coul before. So I'd it ok to just stick it on my RX200S and vape?? And if so what would be best wattage range please??

My S5.

RDA for my Limitless mech

Hi all!

So I've got a brand new limitless mech mod in copper but I need a really good cloud chasing rda. Atm I have an apocalypse 2nd generation RDA but the RDA is not for me. To be honest, its not cloud chase wise. It has something from both worlds. I know everything comes to build, but I just want something different for my limitless mod.

Wich RDA's can you recommend, competition wise? I'm asking here because in the facebook group im usual ask questions in, people recommend: Goon, Recoil…

RDA for my Limitless mech

Can’t get a lot of vapor from my new mech mod.

Hi guys, hope you all have a great day. This is my first time posting things here. I just got into mech mod recently, and I'm pretty sure how to vape safe. Here is the thing, I bought a VGOD mech mod and a rig mod V3, using the goon rda with 22ga nichrome reading at 0.15 ohms, and I'm using the LG HB6 pink version. My question is, I can't get much vapor from my both mech mod when using a fully charged batteries. I'm pretty sure I clean the pins and all that, but every time I vape, I got a…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/cant-get-a-lot-of-vapor-from-my-new-mech-mod.303517/”>Can't get a lot of vapor from my new mech mod.

Big set up choices

I have been vaping for a couple years, mostly doing .5-1.0 ohm builds on RTAs such as the Kayfun Lite plus, Monster V3, Griffin 25, etc.

I am looking at a setup to either go on a Hammer of God v2 or v3 or possibly a CNC 1590n1 box.

I am looking at a big RDA to top it off. I was initially looking for an authentic Temple 30mm but no one has them. So now I am contemplating either a clone Temple 30mm or getting the X1 30mm. My question is, is the X1 an improvement over the Temple to begin…

Big set up choices

528 monster v3

Anyone have any good wicking techniques I'm running a Clapton on it and I'm pretty sure it's how the air flow Is set up but ever rip I take it sounds like it's flooded anyone else having this issue ?

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Can I wrap the coil wire around the screws instead of having to fit the wire through…

Hey family,

I only have one RBA. And I recently bought some premade coils. These coils are thicker then how I make my single coils and they won't fit through the post holes on the screws on my RBA . If we wrap the ends of the coil around the screw head will this provide a good enough connection to use ?

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