Advice on cloud coil builds

So basically as posted in title I'm looking for any builds you guys got in mind to try for vapor production. I am stuck with 28g but ordering more types on Friday. I am not into going super low ohms. As of right now iv twisted two 28g wires and made it a dual , ohms to .23 really enjoy it. Any builds and advice is appreciated thanks folks!

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How can i make massive clouds?

i have been vaping for about a year now, and i want to become a better cloud chaser. i have seen countless vape trick compilations and i want to produce large clouds like that. right now i have a Kangertech DripBox and the clouds its produces are sub-par. what are some tips to help me blow bigger clouds? any and all help is appreciated.

Modifying the iStick bending adapter to make a quick-release 510 connector

The iStick bending adapter is really a great, cheap little device that's begging to be hacked into something else. Yesterday I bought me a whole box of them, and today I turned them into true, useful quick-release 510 adapters for all my mods. Check it out:

It's such a useful little device! No more screwing / unscrewing atomizers.

If you're handy with a file and a little careful, it's a really simple hack. Here's what you need to modify:…

<a href="”>modifying the iStick bending adapter to make a quick-release 510 connector

Diffrent batteries

I bought two new batteries being shipped dont remember what they are LG's though but ifi want to put my new batteries with the 1 old one from a diffrent company to put in a newmod would that be fine or no because its older.

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Tips for bigger clouds with a Velocity RDA?

Recently I got mine Velocity Rda and I really like it, though, I have some questions on how to get bigger and tighter clouds.
1st of all I am using it on an iJust 2 battery, (40-80w) and that should be enough to power up this thing.
My question is: are here some Velocity users that have some tips for me, and is my wicking method allright? I'll add some pics. Thanks for reading!

New vapor first rba suggestions

Hi, I have been vaping since Black Friday and haven't had a cigarette since! So I have heard a lot of people mention how rba's give much better flavor and building your own coils is much cheaper so I have been researching and think a squonk? Sounds right might be for me. I was put off of it when I saw someone having to drip juice a lot and the squonk seems it would make it easier to get into. So can anyone recommend any good mods tanks or kits that would be friendly for a noob but not a…

<a href="”>New vapor first rba suggestions

70/30 PG/VG

Nobody I've seen uses 70PG 30VG in RDAs. Why is that? Is it too thin of a juice?

Some guidance withy quad coil build.

So I just picked up a wismec reuleaux rx200s cause I needed a new vape. Also got a posiden quad coil rda just for chasing. I have 3 efest 18650 in it. I built it with some normal run of the mill kanthal 24g wrapped 7 times and put them in the rda on a diagonal and I'm using some of my buddies Japanese organic cotton. My juice is 100% vg with super low nic. I've only ran it up to 65w and it is alright. Not as happy with it as I want to be. I'm running .10 ohms as of now. I've never really…

Some guidance withy quad coil build.

How to get bigger clouds?

hey everyone I am currently running a fuchai 200w with a crown tank, I don't produce that much clouds.. how do you get bigger ☁️ ☁️?

20g Kanthal + questions

Hi, been getting into higher wattages and lower sub ohm vaping more and more lately. I love warmer vapes with lots of cloud production. I normally only use RDAs. I have been using 20g kanthal for a few months just doing very simple builds for low ohm readings. I am currently using 2 similar simple builds:

20g Kanthal 3mm ID 6 wraps on a Mutation X V4S 22mm RDA coming in at .12 ohms
20g Kanthal 3mm ID 7 wraps on a vaperz Cloud X1 Comp 24mm RDA coming in at .14 ohms

The Mutation is on a…

20g Kanthal + questions

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