New Members and New Vapers • Belated hellos hi’s and welcomes

Sorry new people, i’m not on this new members thread often enough. ((((((bows head ashamedly <img src="” alt=”:oops:” title=”Embarrassed” /> <img src="” alt=”:oops:” title=”Embarrassed” /> )))))
But i’d like to welcome everyone i haven’t as yet welcomed. i shall give myself a sharp slap on the wrist and will not let it happen again

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

Good to have you here with us Zombie<a href="”>vaper. Welcome to ECA. Glad you "rediscovered" vaping.

As you now know, in spite of any propaganda issued by the FDA and health organizations such as the American Lung Association and American Cancer Society,etc. , vaping works. There are now thousands, tens of thousands that will attest to it.

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

I’ve had anxiety and stress issues for as long as I can remember, and at around 13 I’d had a particularly rough few weeks (home wasn’t exactly what anyone would call a healthy environment back then) and a friend suggested smoking might help me calm down. From there it just escalated. I’ve been trying to quit (cold turkey, patches, gum, never tried the meds though since I’ve already had bad experiences with anti-depressants) or cut back here and there for a few years now, but it never lasted long and I never managed to get below 1/2 a pack a day.

I found out in late November that my first child is on the way and decided it was time to find something that would work. I had initially discounted ecigs as an experience with a friend’s 0mg weak flavored gas station disposables years ago turned me off of them, and I wasn’t aware anything else existed. Then at random on another board I came across a discussion of PVs and got a lot of the "beginner" questions answered and explained to me by people that I knew weren’t trying to sell me something. I did some further studying and ended up ordering an <a href="”>ego T kit, and within a few days I was already expecting more <a href="”>vapemail. I’ve now been vaping for a little over two weeks and my last cigarette was a week ago today. I’ve already started to notice some of the positive changes in a minor capacity, and even if I wasn’t the fact that I don’t wake up wheezing every other day would have me hooked.

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Help – please!! New vaper needing assistance

Appreciate any help I can get…

I bought Nicotine liquid from RTS <a href="”>vapes mistakenly thinking it was "ready to go", only to find out that I need to mix / make the final product from what I’d bought. I’ve been googling and can’t seem to find a recipe that uses the base I’ve bought, or a list of what ingredients I need. I’ve ben tempted to give it a go but I’m admittedly nervous as there are so many warnings / articles on the dangers of nicotine that I thought I’d try and get some proper advice. I’d really appreciate some help on what to do, what to buy and where from….

I’ve got: 120ml of 100mg Nicotine liquid. 10% flavourless Nicotine – Kosher. Mixed with 100% propylene glycol USP

I’m wanting to make tobacco flavour (not fussy which tobacco flavour) at a strength of 18-24mg

Thanks to anyone that can advise me

question about steeping related to vendors’ stock..

i have been getting the alien visions blend4 from smoktek. based on this note:

3/18/2013 – We have no idea what’s going on over at Alien Visions. No bulk stock has been available in months and they have not responded to our numerous requests. There isn’t much left, once it’s gone, that’s it. It’s a sad day at SmokTek

is it safe to say that the blend4 i’ve been vaping can be considered – for all intents and purposes – "steeped" at this point?

Lower Insurance premium?

Is this just wishful thinking, or could I possibly be considered a non-<a href="”>smoker now? Technically, I am, right? That would save me a buttload of cash on insurance premiums. Has anyone tried this?

Just goes to show you — CC fraud

Got notice from our CC co today that we got zapped this past ‘wasn’t’ from an on-line e-cig purchase either! Card info, based on the charges, got lifted from some local shop (as far as we can determine a local mini-mart) where my better-half stopped every now and again for those emergency spur-of-the-minute purchases… Should say ‘used to’ stop at… So it isn’t ‘always’ an on-line e-cig supplier, or other on-line retailer, who should get the blame when one of us gets ripped off… Just saying…

Catskill mountain vapor stores’ Extracted tobacco, Finally tried it, again……

Was looking for NET (naturally extracted tobacco) and found Catskill MOuntain <a href="”>vapor store. I saw that they had amazing prices on their e-liquids. They sell 1oz or 4 oz for 15.00 or so. I thought this sounded good. They extract their own tobacco and thought I would like to try it.

SOmehow I would put it off, but I finally decided to give it a go. I placed my order, 12mg, 50/50 pg/vg. The owner called me up and asked me about the order, he said that he usually sold it with some added flavour because it was rather strong. I told him I was looking for a true clean tobacco, no flavour added. I figured if it was strong I could add some more unflavoured 12mg pg/vg to it and dilute the flavour. He told me his latest batch was just finished "brewing" and he had to strain it and mix it to my needs and it would take a week to ship. I thought to problem, how nice, what great customer service.

I finally got it. It came in a large bottle with a cool needle tip. It had separated so I shook it and took the cap off and let it steep for 2 weeks, It started off a very light golden/greenish colour, and it smelled good. By the end of the 2 weeks it had darkened to a light green and there was a lot of sediment, so I shook it and put a few drops on my atomizer and took a few puffs before I filled the tank. It was strong and it was BAAD. It was so bad it made me wretch like when you take a sip of really strong cheap scotch.

I put it away again , for another couple weeks, opening the cap again for a day and shaking it every day.

Today I tried it again, still awful and now its a dark greenish colour, with lots of floating sediment. The smell went from a good tobacco aroma to a bad stink.

I felt bad that I had 4 oz of this stuff. I took 30mls and added 30mls of flavourless 50/50 and tried it again, and its still awful. I think Im going to see if I can flavour it with some Burley or Virginia flavour from Flavourwest. Maybe add some THe flavour apprentice "smooth flavour" and see if it rounds it off to something vapable.

To my conclusion, if you like really stinkie , strong, tobacco this might be for you. I thought Ahlusions Devil Dog was strong, at least it tasted good, even if it would put some hair on your chest. The Catskill makes you want to "hurl" on your chest.

Catskill Mountain Vapours has a large array of the typical fruit, and sweets and bakery flavours. They are probably good, but the tobacco , I would not get if they paid me.

Zenesis mini

Looking for a zenesis mini. Pm me if you have one up for sale

e juice tasting and smelling like barley

Ok i have got 2 genesis atomizer A and B. I fill both up with different e liquids and Start vaping A while leaving B aside. The next day want to change to B i get a very wierd tasting and smelling juice. It has happened a few times already. I left the genesis B when i was not using with the top cap and drip tip attached. The juice is a 30/70 juice. can the e juice turn bad so fast? The rest of the juice in the bottle is fine. is it because the juice has been exposed to air too long? This has happened over night btw. I dunno what going on here

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