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Dont get me wrong, my dad still has his protopipe from back in the day.
but what i was taken aback by was the guy touting the great price he got "in the bay area" for his score
then he proceeds to load up the atomizer, all the while splainin’ every step , with the box from the website he got the atomizer from right there center stage in the video
he fires that mutha up and declares "good shite man" as he takes a couple tokes
all i can say still is wow

not to change the subject, but, does anyone know were i can find a kayfun v2.1

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: what are u vaping right now?

so my local B&M is carrying juice that is made in the quad cities
either way he has 3 different people that supply him with juice
vaping midwest quest black canyon tobacco and wo is it good! complex sweet tobacco that kind of reminds me of bobas!
i also bought his ry quatro and shoot it’s one of the best ry4s i’ve had!
only bad thing is lowest mg they had on hand was 14mg, the lowest he makes it is 12mg… but meh it’s yuummm

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Hash oil atomizer…OMFG…is it legal…..

The locals here seemed fairly upset at a store that recently opened and he had those "herbal <a href="”>vaporizers" in his inventory. It was quite the chatter and apparently it ticked some off pretty bad. The end result seemed most of the local <a href="”>vapors here wouldn’t even support his shop since he had them. Comments were along the lines of "I’ll continue to order online versus driving the 3 minutes to his <a href="”>vape shop". Touchy area it seems for sure.

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