General Vaping Discussion • Re: Need Help finding a carto tank

Take a look at this tank.. You won’t have any issues with the carto staying in place. The carto screws into the base of the tank rather than the tank sliding over the carto

<a href="https://<a href="”>″ rel=”nofollow”>https://<a href="”>

If you’re looking for good cartos at a good price then go here.. Free shipping with $25 purchase

<a href="http://www.sure<a href="”>” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.sure<a href="”>

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: New to Vaping and I Need Help!

Anybody aware that the original poster of this thread hasn’t even been on in like a month?
Weirdness abounds.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Cyborg coming out this Saturday night

FYI, the Cyborg is a DNA20 mod, The DNA Control head can be removed and the base was made to convert to a bottom button so it can be used as a mech mod. The threads are compatible with the tubes of an Evic, so right out of the box you have some pretty cool options. I forget if it was Kir Fanis or Siam, but one of them has made a really cool telescope tube for the Evic that will be compatible with the Cyborg tube.

Rob is also planning different stuff already, for instance, he’s a 801 carto tank <a href="”>vaper, and he said he will be making a head for 801 tank <a href="”>vapers. He’s already got a plan for a genesis mod of the fluid flask, and I won’t be suprised if we see atties made that will thread onto the Cyborh Hybrid style without a 510 connector.

So this thing is going to sell out at nosebleed speeds. I really don’t <a href="”>vape regulated anymore, but I’m pretty sure I’d love regulated vaping if I had a DNA20 mod. So I’m pretty sure a Cyborg is in my future. But today I just bought a Just GG so buying any new mods in that price range is out for quite a while.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Need Help finding a carto tank

I primed my cartomizer with 40 drops with help in a <a href="”>vape store in a prepunched. I know what you mean about how tanks sit in the device.

I honestly think it might be faulty. I have tinkered with this thing and have tried many different cartomizer a with it. What about extra o rings or how can I get to to fit more snug . I’ve tried numerous plinths too. Thanks for giving me some ideas and telling me what you use.

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General Vaping Discussion • My new protank 2!!!!!

So I just wanted to say , after waiting a long time my local <a href="”>vape shop got the protank2 at 2pm this afternoon.

Once I learned of this I immediately sped to <a href="”>vape cape and got one for 30$.

I know that is expensive but the demand is high and all if their other tanks, mods, and coils are fairly cheap. I do not buy juice from there ( they carry Delaware <a href="”>vapor , vixen <a href="”>vapor, and flavored by joe) because I buy all my juice from BEJ online.

So far this tank is working fantastic. I slapped an evod coil in which I did in the original protank.

The tank just looks amazing, I got to use my favorite drip tip. I also think it holds more juice than the original but I’ve got to look into to. It looks bigger than my protank1.

Simply put I love it and didn’t mind paying $30 for something I cherish and wanted so badly.

Protank2 = AMAZING

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General Vaping Discussion • Why No Padlock? …Security Tool

This might be helpful when shopping online►

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Anyone into a juice passaround?

And I was so close for the old box….pooo! lol I would like to be re added please. I have lots to put in there that i’ve been collecting in anticipation of the old box. Now it can go in the new! Woot!

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: tipping vs. wicking a genesis……

For me I’ve found rolling the densest wick possible will wick best. When I get them good I can fire it held vertical without drying out. It depends on how hot your coil is and even when I get a real good wick once it starts to age it will start to perform worse. On an AGA-T I start out with 3 inches of mesh and roll it very tight.

All that being said I don’t <a href="”>vape on a genny nearly as much as I used to. Mostly only in the evenings now. So I’m not quite so keen on perfeecting wicks and I live with a tilt, but rarely do I have to tip as if I’m drinking.

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: New to Vaping and I Need Help!


Any <a href="”>ego or <a href="”>ego style clone is the way to go. Please don’t feel like you’re going to pass out from huge <a href="”>vapor. The nicotine level is what if anything would have that effect on you.

Cig A Likes are ok but I think the battery life and just weak power output leaves people at risk of relapsing on the dreaded cigarettes.

GOOD LUCK…. I admire the fact that you sought this forum out, used it properly, and have acted on great advice from this community!!

HAVE FUN!!!!! BE SAFE!!! and LOVE someone today!

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