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Again we welcome you to our little corner of the vaping world!

Just so you know, we all really want to help you in your own vaping journey.

So ask any and all questions that you may have and you will get all the help and answers that you need or want!

Case in point, I have just entered into the wacky world of RBAs for the first time.

And I am getting a lot of much needed help myself.

It never ends!

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

Thank You rhiannon and UncleRJ!

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

FreeAgentThorne wrote:
Hi, I am new to this forum and pretty new to the vaping world. I was a pack-a-day <a href="”>smoker for 13 yrs, i tried the gums, the patches, etc and nothing worked for me until a friend showed me his <a href="”>ego he picked up at a local <a href="”>smoke shop. i tried it out and was very intrigued by the device. The following monday i went into the <a href="”>smoke shop and they set me up. The first couple days i went back and forth between my camel cigarettes and the <a href="”>ego until my last pack was gone. Now i’ve been cigarette free for almost 4 months now and aint looking back. I’ve since moved on to different clearomizers and VV batteries, i also put in an order for my first dripping RDA and everything I need to start making my own E juices. I cant stress enough thanks for the very helpful videos from ecig Advanced, GrimmGreen, and PBusardo, you guys have definately contributed to my new <a href="”>smoke free life, THANKS!!!

welcome to the cul du sac…
keep us up to date on your diy success and flops

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

JColt wrote:
<a href="”>smoked from age of 14 or so. Now 52. I was up to 2 to 3 pad. I would wake up feeling horrible and reach for one of those damn things. As soon as I went outside in the cold air I would sometimes gag myself from coughing. There is a b&m across the main road from me and went inside with the intention of cutting my analog use in half. Bought an over priced <a href="”>ego kit and 3 bottles of over priced juices. 3 days later I stopped smoking! With in 2 weeks I noticed a huge improvement on my lungs, headaches and attitude. 3 months later and I have no desire for a cigarette at all. Like most people I have wasted some money on hardware and juice but I think I have it down now of what I want and what to expect. Nice little mini hobby!

got my smell back, dont hack up phlem any more, i can taste food (still dont like ocra , though}, and i think i can hear a bit better (maybe not) and dont consider anything i bought to start vaping a waste of money (well except for "pluid", that was a total assault on the tongue,going in and going out)
congrats and welcome

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: kanger t3s

kanger t3s a very steady performer .. especially now that the coil can be replaced instead of the entire base..the capacity is hard to beat…uncle rj and ms p use them religiously and for good reason…they perform well

as with anything from china you may get a dud once ina while due to lack of quality control

an earlier post by slap_maxwell listed a review of a pyrex t3 type also called the smoktech ARO pyrex

cant go wrong handing someone a t3 on an <a href="”>ego battery with some awesone eliquid

i like them alot …i also use evods and protank minis because i like the small form factor

just my 2 cents worth

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