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Well, I’m still a new <a href="”>vaper, but I thought I’d give this a go. I started smoking when I was 15 or so because back in the day (don’t you hate it when old codgers dredge up the good ol’ days?), EVERYBODY <a href="”>smoked. When I enlisted in the US Air Force at 17, TI’s still shouted “<a href="”>smoke ‘em if you got ‘em,” and if you didn’t, you had to go around picking up the discarded cigarette butts the <a href="”>smokers threw down. It got the point across. Real men <a href="”>smoked cigarettes. A lot has changed in the last 37 years, but not my smoking habit. A pack-and-a-half a day plus pipe tobacco and the occasional cigar. For the last quarter century, I have been trying to quit, but I never could. Came close when I had my first heart attack and double-bypass surgery at the age of 43, but it didn’t stick. Every smoking cessation aid you can image, I’ve been there, done that. Flash forward to last week when I finally decided to check out those e-cigarettes that I thought were nothing but a gimmick. Videos on YouTube seemed too good to be true, but I was desperate. After watching several reviews, I finally ordered a Halo G6 starter kit. It came in Monday, I put it together, and was vaping in 5 minutes. I have not lit any form of tobacco since, and I don’t miss it. I know better than to state cat<a href="”>egorically that I am now an ex-<a href="”>smoker (I’ve failed too many times before), but I sure have a lot of hope this time, and that’s really saying something! Good luck to all of us! This forum has already helped me, so thank you!

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Quick thank you to all of you who recommended Bulk E-juice. With the last change I could find in the couch cushions, i ordered 17 samples from them yesterday. Those were based on recommendations from here, as well as a couple more that I thought sounded promising. I expected it to take them a few days to get them all together, but no, I got an email today saying the order had shipped! Really fast service!

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Richard H wrote:
Don’t see a need to move up to a T3 since I have a kanger Protank on order for the Vamo. Thanks!
I don’t see a need for that either it’s a side step anyhow.So good call there.

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snake94115 wrote:
So basically you only really need at most 5 clearomizers 10 if your super paranoid about cross over flavors.
Always try to get your clearomizers in 5 different colors.
Example below.
Green for Menthol
Black/<a href="”>smoke for Tobacco
Clear for Coffee
Blue for Dessert
Red for Fruity Drinks

Now onto the actual cleaning.

Take clearomizer apart rinse the tank with warm water and let it set open end down to drain.
Now for the head.
Put the head into a small glass and very slowly pour just enough dirt cheap vodka over it to slightly cover it.Stir it around a few times for about a minute.Then remove the head from the vodka & dump the vodka that you used to clean the head.Never reuse the vodka & for gods sake never drink it.
Wipe the head off by rolling it around inside a paper towel then put just the head onto your device and fire it a few times using quick taps of the fire button.Remove head from device.You can now move back to the tank as it’s more than likely dry by now if not completely dry just use a paper towel to finish drying.That’s it your done cleaning and without all the arm flapping.Only thing left to do is refill your tank the way you normally would and <a href="”>vape away.

By the way if you ever have a big spill of e-liquid & need to clean it up just soak an old rag with white distilled vinegar & wipe it up.
If it’s a small spill you can just use a paper towel to wipe it up.

Edit Blow.

By the way I forgot to mention a <a href="”>vapors 2 best friends are good drinking water & paper towels.You will need lots of both.

You, Sir, are a genius! I sorta knew following bacon flavor with watermelon wouldn’t be a great idea, but I never would have thought of breaking flavors up by cat<a href="”>egories like that and keeping a clearo for each cat<a href="”>egory. I have 4 of the T2-type clearos now, so I only need to get one more and I’m set. THANK YOU! That’s really helpful!

I like the idea of cleaning with vodka (if I can stay out of it). Sounds like it would be more effective than rinsing in water. I wouldn’t want to fire the coil until I was sure it was all e<a href="”>vaporated, though. I have little enough hair on my head and wouldn’t want to singe what’s left off! <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” />

i already took out stock in the Bounty paper towel company. I’m not the most graceful person alive. <img src="” alt=”8-)” title=”Cool” />

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It’s really cool that you are going that extra mile to organize the folks near you. I think you may be surprised by how quickly your page will grow once a couple people see it.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: am i missing something?

Hey guys,

I deleted that sub section of the forum to clean up a little clutter. It had been active for several months and didn’t have a single post.

I’ll certainly bring it back if there is a demand for it!

Sorry for the confusion. <img src="” alt=”8-)” title=”Cool” />

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