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Dragonxv wrote:
Richard H wrote:Well, initially getting into vaping, i KNOW i spent more in a month than my tobacco budget used to be. BUT, I have no plans to buy a gadget this month, and i have enough e-liquid samples I could <a href="”>vape all month without ordering more (although I probably won’t resist putting in an order for a few large bottles of some liquids I like). So, overall, i am saving money with only 2 months of my budget. I didn’t say that very well, but I hope you got it. <img src="” alt=”:?:” title=”Question” />

you said that just fine I understand what you mean yes I only have a couple months under my belt too and it makes me wonder free samples where did I miss the gravy train

LOL Never said "free" samples. Just several sample packs from Halo and Bulk E-juice that I paid for. Trying to find a desert island <a href="”>vape. Although, I did receive one free sample from Halo for spending over 20 bucks or something in one order.

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