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Also the glass on my aga broke last night and i was a little bit saddd lol. So i must replace that

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Thanks, RJ i use a calculator on my ipad and ive figured out how to make a decent flavored juice its just i need help with diluting flavor concentrates so they arent so intense or so it doesnt taste, like kinda fake idk. Theres seems to be certain ways for certain things also decent suppliers, ive went on wizard labs and got a good amount of flavor samples and pg vg. Thanks for the tip tho 🙂

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Lets share some DIY recipes –all DIY here!

Im all out of supplies for anything retail. Ive just been fiddling with tobaccos recently. I hate diying tobacco <a href="”>vapes its painfully slow. I will be getting all the ing in bulk to ship out some more custard though. Pathology I dunno why it would turn bitter.. Mine just gets creamier with age. If you dont mind pm me the recipe. I might be able to help.

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Tahiti may not be available for weeks, I’m told.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Halo G6 XL battery

Well I hope they keep making the G6 LR carts. I can get compatible batteries.
I really need to make a video this weekend of how much <a href="”>vapor I get. I’m in my car at lunch today thinking, people should see this!

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General Vaping Discussion • Vanilla quest

Usually I make a batch of something and it is tolerable and nothing to get excited about.
Right not, my best success is learning to use less of flavors. Less is more is so very true.
So far I am liking this:
Base of 50/50 pg/vg), 12mg nic, (14ml)
6.2% TFA Vanilla Ice cream, (1ml)
0.6% TFA Brown Sugar, (0.1ml)
0.6% TFA Cotton candy, (0.1ml)
(I get 50 drops to a ml with my 1ml syringe so 0.1ml = 5 drops)

It’s not too bad. But I’m going to try some Holy Vanilla from flavor shack and maybe some caramel.
Maybe some butter, but flavor shack does not say what is in it so I am cautious what chemical it has.
Maybe get a coffee flavor and add a drop of that and try their brown sugar.
Oh, and some white chocolate. Maybe butter would then not be needed.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

still waiting on the new mod(yes another one), the Stingray Copper Black.

I’m also giving my luck a try with tasting juice again. My diy‘ing has been slow going so I’m taking my chances with recommendations. I ordered the following,

Juicy <a href="”>vapor– Tribute, Brain Matter, & Juicy Pear(reordering Tribute because it grew on me after the 1st bottle)

ROAR- Green Peach Tea

Bulkejuice– Dragon Fruit(added UncleRJ Rules!!! In the order comments lol)

I’m enjoying trying new flavors these days. It’s not like when I started where I wasted $$ on disgusting juices. Now I’ve developed my vaping taste buds and can appreciate and recognize good stuff. I’m setting a monthly juice testing budget of $80 and hope to find a few GREAT flavors that I can recommend to new <a href="”>vapors and my vaping friends here and elsewhere. I tried this last month and went 4 for 4. Legend was awesome(thanks Sylvie), Bobas Bounty was good but not something I can <a href="”>vape regularly, Deadly Sin was better than Bobas but not as good as Legend in my opinion, Kinda taste like a vanilla custard with cinnamon. Tribute smelled great in the bottle at first sniff but tasted horrible when I first tried it. Gave it some time and now the whole bottle went so fast you’d thought I drank it. Of those 4 I tried last month I reordered the Tribute and a 50ml at that, this time in VG instead of the reduced PG formula(whatever that means).

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Mystery Tank

Thanks again guys! And if those coils don’t work, they probably will in my evod.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: The New Passaround Box List & Rules !!!

kelliperkins wrote:
What I have missed is the talk about what was liked and not liked….more than just I took this and put in this…

Feel welcome to talk about all that good stuff in round 2 but pics will still be mandatory as well as the tracking number.

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Welcome to the ECA family!

Not into diy myself but this may help you out……….

<a href="” rel=”nofollow”>

A nifty little diy calculator/recipe book thingy.

As to any other questions just ask us and we are all here to help you out!

And it sounds like you are off to a great start with your gear as well <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

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