New Members and New Vapers • Re: Special Roast Contest Thread

Well that does explain why he hangs from the rafters LOL.

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New Members and New Vapers • Re: Special Roast Contest Thread

Oh Uncle!!

This man has actually been living in my attic stealing my wifi! I have tried to get him to leave but he continues to nest in the attic even after several attempts of using Recon. I always find some juice missing or at the very least some taken from a bottle. Now with the FDA regulations he has lost his mind. The CHildren! he screams in that dark attic! " Got to save the children !! " this goes on for hours at a time in the middle of the night. After going through my video cam coming back from vacation I noticed a video that I didnt record. I think this might be the only video proof we have of Uncle!


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Hello, nice meeting everyone

Vaping f t w!

Charging through a 220 volt wall socket.

This is a repost from another thread:

I am traveling to a country where unlike the US, the voltage is 220. Will I have a problem charging my <a href="”>ego by plugging into a 220 volt outlet? I can get an adapter that will physically fit into the outlet but it will not change the voltage to 110. My charger connects to the battery through a USB port. Thanks in advance.

Chiminey (Vertical) coil for a Protank

I’ve seen these done before, I’ve successfully made a few…but it has practically zero flavor. I’ve gotten past the initial cotton taste and there is virtually nothing there.

10 wraps of 30ga Kanthal around a 18ga needle, 1.8Ω (VV Ver 3 reads it at 1.5) no shorts, <a href="”>vapor production seems to be fine. I tried to not overstuff it with cotton, did make sure that the outside of the coil has cotton on it, so it shouldn’t be a wicking problem. It is just nowhere near as good as a microcoil mounted the normal way.

General Vaping Discussion • Got My SX200 Today But…

…it was DOA. <img src="” alt=”:cry:” title=”Crying or Very Sad” /> Won’t turn on, won’t fire, won’t do anything. Got a RMA to return to FT; they said they’ll send out another ASAP, even before I send this one back. Nice, but here’s another 3 week or so wait. I wish angelcigs had this bad boy….

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Major problem with Sigelei Zmax V3 (Brand New)

Okay, so I literally just unboxed my Zmax V3. Beautiful device (Gunmetal), Nice display, the 9’s. Everything is perfect, sifting through the menu on a freshly charged Li-ion trustfire 18350.

So I go to put on my tank (Those threads are godly by the way) And fire it once And the device shuts off, stops responding.. Im like.. Ok, take off tank, take out battery and go through the process again. :confused:

– The device is turned on, and ready to <a href="”>vape. I screw the tank back on, go through the menu and set my voltage to about 4.3 (1.8 ohm coil on a Aspire Nautilus) And Make sure it shows the voltage im at through the LCD Display when I click the button to take a draw. Literally a millisecond after I press the button, the device shows the voltage i’m at (As intended) And then the device becomes unresponsive.

I’ve tried it with my Nautilus, and my Kayfun. Both have the same result that when I go to fire it, the device will shut down.

To make damn sure it wasn’t me being a noob with my device, I even took the tank off, held the fire button on (Working fine at this point) Then ever so slightly screw the tank on (Tried with both tanks) As soon as the tank makes even the slightest contact with the battery, same thing – the mod becomes completely unresponsive until I unscrew and re-screw in the battery back in. :facepalm:

Any help on this one guys? I’m really quite frustrated and DO NOT want to have to run to the store to grab a pack of <a href="”>smokes considering this is my only means of vaping tonight as my <a href="”>ego-C Twist has ceased living. 😡

So, thanks for the read and I’d love to hear some feedback! 🙂

new here

Hi everyone. I have been vaping for a couple of months. I love it. it is helping me quit smoking. Recently ive been thinking of getting a rebuildable atomizer but not sure what kind the one i want is or if they make one like it. Id like to find one that has a deck you can build the coil and wick on the bottom and has a tank.

New Intro and Question

Hello all,

New to vaping and new to forums. Live in Las Vegas and own an IT company. Always liked vaping, wanted to quit smoking and after 13 years, did not feel I could cold turkey it again. I wanted to know what to do with these coils when wicks start threading. See below. I am guessing I can toss it or replace that single wick? Can I still just use it while it is threading?

<a href="” title=”Name: 20140428_193044.jpg
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Bought a Halo Triton kit that my friend in Japan swore by. Ordered four flavors (malibu, subzero, mystic and midnight apple(by far was my favorite)) from halo with it at 12mg nictotine. I always <a href="”>smoked Menthols (newport, kool, marlboro for the past few years) but 12mg is really harsh and makes me cough like crazy. Within two days, I went and ordered two more flavors (tribeca(AMAZING) and Voodoo) at 6mg and those were much better. I also, unlike my first batch, actually let them steep and started shaking them every time I would <a href="”>vape or fill. I then winded up ordering another 5 flavors from <a href="”>vape dudes at 6mg and I am still waiting on that order.

Also is there anything I can do to make any of these flavors not as harsh? I am guessing I would have to order 0 to 6mg and mix it with a higher amount of the lower mg? I tried at higher ohm coils to burn cooler but it seemed to make no difference. Malibu ar 12mg is almost unsmokable it is so harsh.

So hello to you all and thanks in advance for any information/help :laugh: I look forward to spending lots of money on this new hobby.

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RBA for auto batteries

I want to know if there are any rbas that I can put on an auto battery like say an sd keyring I know it sounds silly but I suppose it would only require that the airflow is pulled from the bottom instead the side so what’s a good cheap rba that is a bottom feeder? Or coul I just run a 1/32 drill bit through the center post of say an igo-L or igo-s?

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