is there a fruity pair for TFA dairy milk (DIY e-juice)

hello guys! just starting my diy e-juice journey! I am loving every minute of it and wish i had just taken the leap sooner! any way I ordered some flavor concentrates from TFA and CAP. One in particular I ordered was from TFA called dairy milk (it tastes nothing like milk however) I love it!!! I am hoping I have some fellow people who feel the same and may have happened to find a berry type fruit or any fruit (excluding lemon and lime) to go with it and maybe a little ratio as well. if not with the ratio I can do the experimenting with ratio. but so far I cant seem to find a match or I am putting in to much dairy milk. i dont know but i would really like to put this buttery cream into a fruit even if it is just an accent… please and thank you all who read! :confused::<a href="”>vapor::confused:

All Replacement Heads Out Of Stock.

When will these be back in stock?

Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve e-juice

Holy Moly! I’ve been vaping trash! I had no idea just how good e-juice can be!

I’m absolutely stunned by this quality juice. It is the first stuff I’ve ever purchased from anywhere other than my local gas station or discount cig/cigar store. I have been ruined in the best possible way.

I must have gotten one of the last bottles of this stuff (they only had 3mg left as of last weekend) on Gemini <a href="”>vapors and I will definitely be ordering more once it comes back in stock.

Sorry for the hyperbole, but it’s like my eyes have been opened! 😀

need help guys pls..pls

i have a stingx mod and quasar 28g kanthal imren 40 amps 18650 batt

but sad to say i dont know wat build i will put. pls guys help me about the build and how many wraps thank you.

New to site

Hi my name is miguel…New to site and to vaping…I have a k100 with a rda…looking to get a new mod…looking in to box mod with a dna 30 maybe

new to vaping thinking of getting istick and Nautilus Mini. What do you guys think?


I’m new to vaping and i’m thinking of getting istick and nautilus mini.
Any opinions or other suggestions?

also any tips would be great!
What vendors are reliable?

thanks alot,

new member here guys tnx!help

guys i have a quasar and a 28g kanthal in your own opinion,what build will do good for me!? (by the way MACRO COILS only ) single or dual #wraps


Anti oxidation grease (GB ox gard / Noalox) Success Story

I have been using a mechanical nemesis clone for a while now. I am a sub ohmer and have had great success with this mod, vtc4 batteries, and my few rda’s (origin v1, plume veil, and helios clones).

I had been told that using a conductive anti oxidant grease on the contact surfaces of my mod would improve its performance. I wasnt sure how much better my equipment’s performance could get, and was really surprised with the results.

I cleaned ALL CONTACT SURFACES with a soft wire brush and alcohol, then wiped the residue off with an alcohol soaked cloth. After they were dry, I gave the threads, contact points, bottom switch components, battery terminals, and the mods 510 connection pin a light coating of ‘GB ox gard’ (a conductive anti oxidant similar to noalox) and WOW. Its like a completely different mod.

I just wanted to share this. A tube costs around five bucks and goes a long way. Id think its a must for anyone with a mechanical, but could probably be used to good effect with any <acronym title="Personal <a href="”>vaporizer”>PV. Im truly amazed how well this stuff works.

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Please help, need some help verifying calculations for nicotine level

I saw my doctor today and she suggested that I would need a minimum of 21 mg nicotine ejuice to replace my 1 PAD curse. So I was hoping for someone to verify my calculations. I am wanting to create 15ml of 21mg juice -using bought flavored ejuice 12mg 25/75 pg/vg and 36mg 100 vg.

I calculate that if I use the following, it will get me to 21.6 mg juice

6ml of 36mg 100% vg
8.5 ml of bought flavored ejuice 12mg 25/75 pg/vg
.5 ml purified water

The equipment I use are:
Igo-t with aspire BDC tank
Itaste SVD with aspire BDC tank
Nemesis clone (efest 18650 2100 30A) with aspire BDC tank
-also have (Kayfun 3.1, Russian 91, Helos and Omega clones) still learning to build coils so not using them

any help would be Greatly appreciated


So I got a Cyclone w/ AFC couple weeks back but haven’t had kanthal to build on it. I got some today & was so excited to use it. Made my coil & it won’t fire…. Does the 510 connection look pushed in? I’m sick to my stomach! Either way it’s an expensive mod & atty.. I’ve only put 2 attys on it & both we’re fine & worked… Help Reonauts, please<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

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