General Vaping Discussion • Re: vanilla custard, custard input please

Charles Hallman wrote:
kelliperkins wrote:love custard…Apocalypse has a blueberry one said would add whatever I wanted to it…wonder what would be good.

I like it just the way it is !!! <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” /> All of Tony’s liquid is very very good ! I would like to see him add a few more to the menu ! Just saying . <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

I would rather have plain than blueberry and would like to have a cherry or strawberry cheesecake on his menu.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: vanilla custard, custard input please

kelliperkins wrote:
love custard…Apocalypse has a blueberry one said would add whatever I wanted to it…wonder what would be good.

I like it just the way it is !!! <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” /> All of Tony’s liquid is very very good ! I would like to see him add a few more to the menu ! Just saying . <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Cotton wool

I like the sterile cotton balls I get from CVS for my Kayfun Lite plus (Ehpro clone), but consistency is difficult trying to always get the perfect amount.
I wanted to try Peaches and Creme brand cotton wool from Walmart for $1.77
On my first trip I got white because I forgot the term ECRU for the non-bleached color. I boiled and dried, but probably not dry enough and I got a funny taste for a while. (Since they are not sealed and just sitting on a Walmart shelf, I boiled for piece of mind).
I went back and got the ECRU, (small print above the UPC code) microwaved a foot of it for 3 minutes in a half filled cup with filtered water from my fridge dispenser and blotted, then dried on a paper towel for 3 minutes in the microwave again. Just to see if I could speed up the process.
Two strands though my 0.1" id coil was not too much trouble to thread. Funny taste was very slight and brief and it works pretty well.
I tried the N-W orientation this time for a little more flavor. No dry hits yet and very cost effective. Some stores do not have it but a roll will last quite a while.

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Authentic or clone? Which do you prefer and why?

I know most of us start with an all clone setup, but I recently got an authentic Manhattan (yes I know they don’t make them anymore) and an authentic plume veil and I will never go back to clones. Just something about the way it hits, I can’t quite put my finger on it or explain it properly but when I have a clone it just doesn’t hit the same. Just wanted to see others opinions.

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RDA on Vamo V5 Ohms Changing.

So I recently picked up a Plume Veil clone from my local B&M, and the guy there built me a 1.6 ohm coil. It was working great, I <a href="”>vaped at 15 watts and no issues with anything. Eventually it came time to rebuild the coil, my first build. So I built a coil, 9 wraps of 28g kanthal, aiming for 1.4-1.5 ohms. I got it all set up, and it read 1.4 ohms. Good news.


Once I dripped some juice onto the wick and fired it up, the ohms kept changing. It would be like 1.6, then jump to 3.5, and all sorts of crazy numbers, but sometimes settles at 1.6, or 2.3 or something for a couple hits, then goes back to freaking out.

Is there any advice that I could get for fixing this issue??

PS: I do have a Nemesis clone on the way, I just use the RDA on my Vamo till it gets here.

Good stuff

California labels e-cigarettes a public health threat
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By Reid Wilson January 29

Electronic cigarettes are displayed for sale at Tasty <a href="”>vapor in Oakland, Calif. (Ben Margot/AP)
The California Department of Public Health on Wednesday issued a warning about the dangers of e-cigarettes, as states across the country consider new regulations for the booming industry.

In a report issued Wednesday, the department urged legislators to regulate e-cigarettes like tobacco products. The growing popularity of the new devices presents a particular risk to children and teenagers, who increasingly report using them, the department said. Department of Public Health Director Ron Chapman told reporters Wednesday the department will begin a public education campaign warning of the dangers posed by e-cigarettes.

Chapman said he is particularly concerned about the variety of flavors in which the nicotine-containing liquid used in e-cigarettes is available.

“The availability of e-cigarettes in a variety of candy and fruit flavors such as cotton candy, gummy bear, chocolate mint and grape makes these products highly appealing to young children and teens,” Chapman wrote.

Electronic cigarettes, which <a href="”>vaporize liquid that contains nicotine, are different enough from regular cigarettes that existing laws do not regulate them. Dozens of states are considering new regulations, some backed by the e-cigarette industry itself and others pushed by health advocates.

The product also represents a major growth opportunity for tobacco companies, whose sales have slid as smoking rates of tobacco smoking have dropped. More than 200 e-cigarette companies operate in the United States, according to industry analysts, but five of them account for a little more than 80 percent of the market. Industry analysts at Wells Fargo estimated in 2013 that the e-cigarette market is likely to grow to $10 billion annually by 2017.

And while scientists have studied the health effects of regular cigarettes for decades, studies on the impacts of e-cigarettes are just beginning. The California report cited studies that show the <a href="”>vapor produced by e-cigarettes contains at least 10 chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects. The report also cited preliminary studies that suggest e-cigarettes cause lung irritation and inflammation similar to that caused by tobacco cigarettes.

Industry advocates say e-cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes, and they back restrictions on sales to minors. For regular <a href="”>smokers, the industry has positioned the product as a cessation tool, similar to nicotine gum or patches. They also criticized the California report for omitting studies that reached different conclusions.

“It’s an overly alarming piece of propaganda that uses cherry-picked studies and turns what is a complex public health topic into a black-and-white issue,” said Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association. “What’s most disgraceful is that they are telling California <a href="”>smokers that if they’ve tried the gum and the lozenge and the patch and it hasn’t worked for them, they might as well keep smoking.”

Conley pointed to three clinical trials that measured the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in helping <a href="”>smokers give up traditional cigarettes, none of which was cited in the California report.

Health officials cited their own reports that show e-cigarette users are less likely to quit smoking. They are alarmed by the growing use of e-cigarettes by young adults and those under legal smoking age. More eighth-graders, 10th-graders and 12th-graders are using e-cigarettes than traditional cigarettes, according to state and federal surveys, and about 20 percent of e-cigarette users have never <a href="”>smoked traditional cigarettes.

California also has seen a marked rise in the number of reports to poison control centers of children having consumed e-cigarette <a href="”>vapor or liquid. The number of cases involving children 5 and younger tripled in just a year.

Officials pointed to television and radio advertisements promoting e-cigarettes, four decades after traditional cigarette advertisements were banned from the airwaves. In 2013, Kantar Media Intelligence estimated the e-cigarette industry spent more than $80 million promoting its products.

The federal Food and Drug Administration has proposed adding warning labels and ingredient lists to e-cigarette packaging, although new rules could be years away.

Health departments in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee have issued warnings similar to California’s, and more than half of all U.S. states have passed some level of regulation of e-cigarettes.

Reid Wilson covers state politics and policy for the Washington Post’s GovBeat blog. He’s a former editor in chief of The Hotline, the premier tip sheet on campaigns and elections, and he’s a complete political junkie.

I’m done with evolv!

I ordered my rdna40 the first day and after a long wait it finally arrived. Of course it had the screen issue but it still fired so I dealt with it until a week ago. I figured if I could hold out a few more versions would be gone through increasing my chance for a working unit. I get my brand new one tonight and yup, one hour into it the screen messes up. I love the device but after almost three months the same issues keep arising. I’m done with them until I see a prolonged period of time with little issue. Fortunately the device still fires like before so I’m just dealing with it. Ok, vent over.

Please help…

<a href="!647540!<a href="”>smokeless-image/647540-aging-spinner-failure.html” target=”_blank”>…r-failure.html

I posted this in a fairly inactive (at the moment) forum, but I would really appreciate advice on how to safely deal with my Spinner battery that has been lit for HOURS now…

Thank you!

Issues Aerotank V2 / Dual Coils

HI Guys.. glad i found this forum i have a question that has been keeping me on edge for a while.

I have a Aerotank V2 that came with 2 x 1.8ohm dual coils.. I am a heavy vapour so they ran our after about 5-7 days.. burn taste… I purchased 5 boxes of 2.0ohm coils seeing i was running out so quickly.. but for some reason i cant seem to get right voltage on them i always get burn taset from the start have some 1.5ohm they are the same work fine for a day or 2 and then they useless..

I have 3 batteries.. 1 is a vision spinner I 3.3v-4.8 v and 2x vision spinner II

Can someone guide me to what i am doing wrong please.. maybe i have the wrong batteries or something .. something is just bot right

Thanks In Advance 🙂

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