How to speed-clean your Copper/Brass Mech

What a great idea. I finally have a use for my old cartomizers.

Liquid Cap Coaster


Ok, so yea – a liquid cap coaster.

Do you drippers leave your liquid cap off when you are just sitting and watching tv and vaping and find it leaves a ring on the table that you have to clean up ?

Grab a plastic bottle cap…put your lid in there…no more mess” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie13″ alt=”:)” title=”Smile :)” />

Lazy man’s mixing bottle

I have been mixing my own liquids for the last year and loving it… well, loving the experimentation and vaping part at least, the careful measuring and calculations etc not so much !” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie13″ alt=”:)” title=”Smile :)” />. Since I started sub ohming I have had to up my production vastly (though with a lot less nic) and I don't know, something that was a mild annoyance before became a complete chore fast hehe.

Here are a couple of quick and nasty mock ups of version 2 of my ongoing attempts to turn mixing back into something…”>Lazy man's mixing bottle

EcigExpress Blog: 4 tips for winter vaping!

Howdy vapers! Winter is Coming! protect your vaping experience with these handy tips!” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

Blowing big vape rings

Hey all. I can blow small vapor rings, but I'm trying to blow big rings that get distance. Any advice?

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