My method for battery rotation in a dual battery mod

So, everyone who uses dual battery mods is well aware of battery marriage (charging/and discharging together) But, there's varying opinions on if the batteries need to be switched from left to right and right to left each time they're fully charged and put back into the mod. Some people just shuffle them randomly in their hands and it will sort of even itself out 50/50

This is my method that, if followed right, guarantees a left/right switch every time.

I currently use 4 (2 married pairs)…”>My method for battery rotation in a dual battery mod

Flavor Organizer

Over time, I have collected quite a selection of flavors from different vendors. I would just kind of line them up in a neat order and such so it didn't look so discomboberated. But every time I wanted to get a flavor, taking a bottle out and putting it back would scatter how things were set up. I decided to take one of each sized bottle to Home Depot. I had seen 2 ft lengths of pvc piping for sale and thought if I just got the right size, I could build a rack where everything was in…”>Flavor Organizer

Easy and free tank/rda stand

As I've been building my collection of tanks and rdas, I began to realize I needed some way to keep my gear stored upright. So my solution is a really simple one. Just go to a store and ask for a small box. In order to create the holes for the 510 connectors, I simply press the connectors into the surface to make an indentation, and then bore it out with a philips screwdriver. Then I press the connector down in. After a few times, it is smooth as can be.” target=”_blank”>View attachment 541981”>Easy and free tank/rda stand

How to get more airflow, clouds and flavor out of Uwell Rafale.

Hello Everyone
This is an addition to what VapnFagan made a video tutorial on ( ).
But I had to find an easier way to do this specially that I am out in Iraq and can't find jack on base, so I had to use what I had all, Gerber (Multi-Tool). from start to finish took me at the most 1 minute, super easy and for the benefits well worth it. I automatically noticed a change in airflow (easier, no drag), clouds (due to airflow) and flavor…

How to get more airflow, clouds and flavor out of Uwell Rafale.

What to use, .5 or 1.2 ohm OCC’s?

Hey, this has probably been asked a thousand times, but I'm a rookie and want to do it right. Got a Kangertech Sub Box mini set up and was going to order some new coils, but really confused on what the difference will mean to me. Read that the .5 (sub ohming, I guess) will require a higher voltage and my 1.2's (have one in now, cranked to 18.5), but forgetting that difference, what will the difference be to me while vaping?

Also, since I'm already posting, I'm also a regular smoker and…

What to use, .5 or 1.2 ohm OCC's?

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