Best Online Resources for Vaping

Perhaps it would be cool (and extremely helpful) to have a Vaping Underground thread for APV users to post the best resources they have discovered online for mod specs, battery specs and drain, ohm calculations, coil building, and e juice recipes.

I will be happy to kick it off with a few that i use regularly… PLEASE chime in.

First, any time I build a coil I refer to this online "app" where you can choose the wire you want use, the size diameter, single coil or dual, and the ohms I am…

Best Online Resources for Vaping

Completly filling your Kangertech Subtanks

This video instructs how to almost completely fill the Kangertech Sub tank mini ecig tank. All it takes is to block off the center hole which normally prevents filling the tank any further then the height of the center post. I used a Dremel mandrel approximately .170 inches(4.33mm) in diameter.

General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

I just ordered this: <a href="” rel=”nofollow”> … quid-copy/ looks pretty good!

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>RobertCMata — Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:35 am

Good standard dual coil build for 30W device???

What would be a good standard dual coil build that 30 watts can power with good results? I have 24, 26, 28, and 30 gauge kanthal.

Bully RDA given new life with Protank airflow control base!

Was digging through all my old vape stuff and found a broken bully rda. Was about to toss it along with some old three hole airflow controller for my protank and thought, "This would be awesome if these two things fit together!" It is, they are. Leave the chimney on and its low wattage awesomeness.

DIY Sweetener

So I've read all I could read about using Light Corn Syrup as a sweetener and the risks to the atty. But i decided to go ahead and tinker with it regardless.

I started with my pre diluted VG which I make.

15ml distilled water per 150ml of VG. I found this to be perefect for my mixes.

The Sweetener Mix:
5ml PDVG
5ml Light Corn Syrup w/Vanilla
5ml Distilled Water

Stir or shake to mix. Its blends quickly.
I then add 2.5ml to 5ml to a 30ml mix.

I have had no issues with my atty at all using…

diy-sweetener.222003/”>diy Sweetener

How to taste your juice more intensely

Lift your tongue on the inhale, try it!

Question about taking labels off ejuice bottles…

I was just wondering if anyone would help me with a link or method on taking sticker labels off e juice bottles and then re applying them to a unicorn bottle? I can't do it without ripping the label, and when I do get one right it doesn't stick to the unicorn bottle??? Any help?

The best way to dryin your wicks (RDA)


Am not sure if this is new to you or not but i've been facing alot of issues about getting my entire wicks dry

i found the optimum solution for this problem
once you place your cotton you could just stuff it with extra ( fluffy ) cotton beneath the coil so that the heat transfers to that side of your rda

Why stuffing ? some people suggest that you could just use higher length of cotton then twisting it but the problem is when u use higher lengths of cotton it will be so dense that…”>The best way to dryin your wicks (RDA)

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