Show me your clouds

Just got a new turbo v3 mod, fitted it with a 9 wrap 24g-32g Clapton .35ohm coil on my ipv4s on 70 watts. Here are the clouds I got show me yours!

Dem be sum nice coils boi

need some ideas for a diy build

So I recently bought the ipv4 even knowing all the bugs it had going for it, shortly after i got it it started reading "short" on the screen, i tinkered with my dripper rebuilt a coil looked for the short (without taking apart the mod itself) found nothing. so i thought i would try and see if it was just a hiccup. i screwed my dripper on and hit the fire button and she worked just fine…for about two pull and then it wouldnt stop firing , i quickly tried to remove the batteries and unscrew…

diy-build.101952/”>need some ideas for a diy build

Looking For A Hard Hitting Comp Build

Hello everyone. I've been trying to find a great hard hitting comp build for my Brass Manhattan V2 with my Phenotype-L RDA. I'm looking to be around a 0.1-0.15. What would you suggest? Thanks everyone.

Does cap size matter?

I am about to modify my tsunami to fit a custom Pyrex cap but am not sure if size matters that much. Right now the inner bore is 14.5mm and I'm looking at opening it up to 18mm. Would this be too big? The mouth piece will have a 22mm OD and pretty much sit completely flush with the whole Atty.

Considering super sub-ohm building. Need some advice!

Hey everyone I've been thinking of diving into a super sub-ohm building just to test it, but I had a few questions. Right now I have Sony vtc5's that I'm 90% sure are authentic. Would these be the safest way to go about it? And I have a sigelei 100w plus, a tree of life mod clone, a rig mod clone, and a Stingray mod clone. Which would be my best bet? I'm planning on running it on a dark horse rda. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

how to upgrade x cube 2 firmware to V1.08

Smok updated its v1.08 firmware upgrade guide for X CUBE II. Now, it can work with my X CUEB II.;)

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