Best Build for Cuboid Mini

I am new to vaping and I just got a Cuboid Mini. I would love to start building coils on my own so I also got a Indulgence Mutation x S. I have a basic idea about how to build coils. It would be amazing if someone could provide me with the best wires to get ( I've heard a lot about 28 gauge kanthal ) and links to where to buy them. If anyone has any video links about how they learned to build coils and such that would be great too. I would prefer to keep the builds to what my Cuboid mini can…

Best Build for Cuboid Mini

Need settings help to avoid burning juice sprayed into my mouth!

I'm using eLeaf iStick TC40W, Cubis tank, .5 ohm atomizer, and 70 VG/30 PG juice.

I've tried many, many watt levels, temperature levels and I can't get the spit of boiling oil juice in my mouth. I've changed the atomizer too. Does anyone have a temp or watt level that works for them?

Vaping Tools

Hi folkses:

I have been in a convo with” data-user=”259849, @davevape55″>@davevape55 regarding the best tools used or usable for vaping purposes, and we have decided to start a thread to discuss the matter; partly to avoid an” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:offtopic:” title=”Offtopic :offtopic:” />foul, and also in hopes we might get some participation. So, if you have a favorite type of screwdriver, or wire cutters, or you've made a fabulous wire rack or something, please share it with us.

I'll start the ball rolling with a pic of a mandrel tool I cobbled…”>Vaping Tools

I need help for a cloud build

Hi guys can you help me to get cloudbuild on my single.battery hybrid mod? Any advice ? Thank you

Smok tfv4 coils

I don't have the biggest clouds but I do like to chase them lol if that makes sense. When I bought the smok tfv4 I told them that I am a cloud chaser and asked them what coil would be best…everyone tells me quad coil. I have the quad coil but idk if it's just me or if I feel like I get bigger clouds with the triple coil. Hmm I need help what do you all think between those coils which one would give bigger clouds? And another question is can the quad coil handle max vg ? I tried to look it…

Smok tfv4 coils


I am trying to get some better density over volume in vapor production. if that makes any sense. you know those heavy hits that you cant see daylight through and just fall right to the floor almost like they have more weight to them. I have a patriot that I made the 2 holes at 7/64 and it worked tits. drilled out to 1/8 and made more vapor but lost the density (on the same coil build). reason I am asking is that I have another atty w stock airholes that I am going to drill and just wanted…


Cloud Chasing with ?

Hey vape Family !

So you probably going to laugh at me, well i can understand. Got a couple of questions here where i hope to get some help with!

So first things first, my Setup: Eleaf iStick TC100W with Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank (0,2Ohm Coil Ni200).

Well, since i started making my own liquid that is VG based for of course the Clouds, the Tank isn't the best for Cloud Chasing.

So i searched a bit and rode something about RBA, RTA, RDA, RDTA. So funny that i donĀ“t even know what my Sub…

Cloud Chasing with ?

Ok, I am very new at this. Just bought my first vap ever. I was in my room with it n a few ppl came

How do I cut my beginers smok vap on.Its a smok begginers vap.

Anybody know what to do about my heatvape invader mini keeps giving me the "atomizer open" message?

Anybody know what to do about my heatvape invader mini keeps giving me the "atomizer open" message? It won't even read the atomizers but it's brand new. I haven't sent it back because I bought another cape at the same time and it won't vape either

Favorite coil for chasing clouds?

What is your favorite coil and setup for producing your biggest clouds?

For me, I'm doing quite well with dual 22awg NiChrome macro coils around .2-.3ohm in a Tugboat and 24awg in my Stillare but I'm interested to hear others' experiences. My only problem is that the entire RDA heats up and retains the heat too much to chain vape on it.

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