RX 200 vs Noisy Cricket

Both is made by Wismec, i personally own NC so far, thinking about getting RX in the future, but i have doubts..

How does they compare in performance e.g. Cloud Chasing ? Triple battery regulated parallel should outperform the Noisy Cricket or no ?

So basically which option is better for clouds?

1) Dual-Quad Coil at 0.08ohm @ 4.2volts @ 200w ( Should be challenging to inhale i guess )
2) Dual coil at 0.5ohm @ 8.4volts @ 140w

Cleaning non-rebuildable coils (Eleaf Air coils)

After a while my eleaf GS air/tank/air2 coils tend to get hard to draw through. I suspect they are gummed up. I have seen some videos on youtube to disassemble them but I don't think I would get them back together. Is there a way to clean them to keep using them? Dip them in ????? and then _____________ to get all the ????? back out? Anyone have experience with this?…

<a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/cleaning-non-rebuildable-coils-eleaf-air-coils.756695/”>Cleaning non-rebuildable coils (Eleaf Air coils)

Vaping Os without putting your soul at risk…

So how to vape Os? Yes, it's been done before. You look at the threads, you watch the videos, you go though miles of wire building coils and gallons of juice wicking new wick builds and still not so much as O #1. Cough they say? Inhale.. ready to cough.. CHOKE.. spew fog.. choke some back.. no fog. *swear word*… watch video where buddy is chucking Os by the dozen.. *swear words*.. another pull.. and 10 little gasps of fog, turn blue in the face.. swoon, and inhale before you pass…

<a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/vaping-os-without-putting-your-soul-at-risk.753773/”>Vaping Os without putting your soul at risk…

Smoktech H-Priv, dual LG HD4s, and a TFV8 Cloud Beast

I got my the final pieces of my orders in the mail today. I have had bad quality Smok mods in the past but the H-Priv is to hold me over until the IPV6X is released. It can definitely hit 190W at least. I read the HD4 2000mAH 25amp 18650s are better than the VTC4s so I got those. First let's talk about the TFV8 Cloud Beast subohm tank. It fits fine on the Smok H-Prive as it does on my Hcigar VT200 DNA box mod which is about the same size. It's a little top heavy as it is on the Hcigar VT200…

Smoktech H-Priv, dual LG HD4s, and a TFV8 Cloud Beast

Conspiracy by Ohm Nation?

i saw this RDA on instagram, has one heard any news on this when it will be released?


Komodo 160w, Aspire Atlantis

I'm really thinking of buying the Komodo 160w sub tank in the next few days, I can only see the tank and the 2 coils that come with it, I'm just asking anyone please do they know if the Aspire Atlantis coils will fit the Komodo as they look similar, and I can't seem to find anywhere in the UK that sells the couls, I've looked everywhere I know, so Thanks for any help.

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Cotton question.

I normally use Maxim organic cotton for all of my super sub ohm builds and I decided to try the sterile cotton that comes on the huge ass roll from CVS. the taste is much better and there's zero break in time, but I'm noticing that my vapor production is a little lacking. I'm using my same 22g coil setup as usual. Has anyone experienced this with sterile cotton?

Any themes for the Reuleaux RX75? Like there is for the RX200 and 200s….

Is there any themes for the Reuleaux RX75? Like there is for the RX200 and 200s? I did a firmware update with my RX200 to change the appearance of the menu, text, etc. Is there any way to do that with the RX75? The RX200s and RX75 see to have similar screens/layouts. Would it be possible to do a theme update made for an RX200s and flash it to an RX75?

Really interested to know this. Chime in if anybody can give me some insight.

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