the whole surface area theory

so for the past 2 or 3 years it has been generally accepted that the more wraps, the more surface area, the more flavor/vapor. i myself have even agreed with this but lately ive been thinking it basically comes down to heat generated rather than lthe dimensions of your coils.
few months ago i purchased this.
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mad rabbit, 21g nichrome 90.
never been much into gimmicky wires, but was interested in this…

the whole surface area theory

Suggestions for Limitless Plus RDTA

Hi guys, I just want to know any suggestive build for this RDTA.

Btw, I'm using fused-claptons at 3mm guide at 5loops firing usually from 70-80 for clouds.

mod = IPV5

Vaping Os without putting your soul at risk…

So how to vape Os? Yes, it's been done before. You look at the threads, you watch the videos, you go though miles of wire building coils and gallons of <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice wicking new wick builds and still not so much as O #1. Cough they say? Inhale.. ready to cough.. CHOKE.. spew fog.. choke some back.. no fog. *swear word*… watch video where buddy is chucking Os by the dozen.. *swear words*.. another pull.. and 10 little gasps of fog, turn blue in the face.. swoon, and inhale before you pass…

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Vaping Os without putting your soul at risk…

Hardest hitting mechanical box mod

So I've recently been wanting to get into cloud chasing comps but I have no idea what equipment I should pick up. Right now I'm using Sigelei 150w tc with a velocity mini rda but ut just doesn't seek to be cutting it. I've got to mess around with a few homemade triple series boxes but I want something more reputable. Any advice for the beggining cloud chaser?

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How to fix ‘low powered firing’ on DNA without using Escribe tweak

I'm using vapeDroid C1D2 with DNA75. I set my hurricane jnr with a SS316L spaced coil 0.3ohm. I really enjoy the great warm flavour with this coil setup using TC at 520F, 60watt.

This morning I was on my way to the office, I have to stop by to the refill the ejuice. I had taken the atomizer out of 510 connector of the mod for refilling the ejuice but when I put it back in, i got this 'low firing power' DNA syndrome. So I can't fire the atomizer with enough 3.8-4-3Volts. The mod can only…

How to fix 'low powered firing' on DNA without using Escribe tweak

Dotmod petri

So I'm looking around trying to find out what the purpose for the little plate in the bottom of the base is. Can anyone give me a hint as to why it's there, the post it self is insulated where it sits in the deck and screws down. The reason I ask is cause I'm getting sick of having to clean under it and the screws holding it down.

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Noisy cricket, crazy friend

Just got my cricket and i love it. Running 26 kanthal parallel at 3mm and 9 wraps. It works but i want much bigger clouds. Got a buddy that runs 8 wrap 20g kanthall at 3mm…….that seems terrifyingly low to me. Any other simple coil options out there? I'm running a goon if that matters

cloud chasing build(Help)

hey guys i recently just started building my own coils so im kinda bad it still lol. i want to cloud chase. i already have a build it is a dual coil kanthal 22G going at .19 OHMs. i am vaping it on my RX200 with the Tsunami RDA. How is this build? is it safe to vape on even though im vaping it on a regulated mod? if so what watts should i vape it at?

Waste not, want not! Use for unusable E-Juice!

Yeah we all heard it.. Mom beat that into our heads. EAT YOUR CRUST.. waste not want not.. or use the ends of the loaf in stuffing, bread pudding, etc.. So what about e-<a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice?

You know, that bottle of juice you got that is so vile you just can't bear to vape it, but is sitting there because you are chea.. erm.. thrifty and don't want to toss it out and waste it. OR those 2 dozen odd wicks on failed builds, loaded with e-juice sitting in a cup because there must be SOME use for it… maybe…

<a href="”>Waste not, want not! Use for unusable E-juice!

Best cloud chase build for RX200?

So I have an RX200 with a Doge V2.. I'm building with 22g Kanthal. What's the lowest I can go and how big should I go? I have 1.5 mm, 2mm, 2.5mm 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm to wrap with (I'm using a jig) How many wraps should I do and how low should I try to go? I'm going to use to help me out.

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