New $#%! has come to light

Just realizing how hard i can hit my RDA, Technique is important I have learned. Before i was inhaling too softly at about 25 watts, Now im hitting it heavy at 50. I want to go up more in wattage but i dont know what my coil can handle. Its a fused clapton that i made myself. Its about .5ohms

Sorry if this is the wrong area, as I could not find a RDA section

Also, I am using a DOGE something rather.

VELOCITY 22g anarchist wire build

GREAT Peach/Peaches and Cream E-Juice Wanted!

Hello fellow cloud chasers, I am looking for a GREAT Peaches & Cream or a regular fabulous Peach. I have tried Snake Venom, Peaches and Scream from Mad Alchemist, Peaches and Cream from <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Jackson vapor. I have also tried MountBakervapor, juice E-vapes. Some of these are good but I am looking for GREAT. You like many of us have tried every juice under the sun looking for that WOW factor in our juice. Unfortunately I have not…

<a href="”>GREAT Peach/Peaches and Cream E-juice Wanted!

How to blow PERFECT o’s [easy] 100% of the time 18+ ONLY

This isn't just a thread on how to do o's. These are perfect 0s with 100% success rate. Video explains most details but the 3 ways to vape perfect os are

The form of the mouth (which shapes it. Perfect mouth formation=perfect o don't forget that)
Now you gotta push small pocket of air with your lungs which I showed in the video.
Thirdly you need to find a room with 0 wind/air flow. Wind will effect the o more then you think

Good luck comment in questions or suggestions for other members on…

How to blow PERFECT o's [easy] 100% of the time 18+ ONLY

Vaping Tools

Hi folkses:

I have been in a convo with <a href="” data-user=”259849, @davevape55″>@davevape55 regarding the best tools used or usable for vaping purposes, and we have decided to start a thread to discuss the matter; partly to avoid an <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:offtopic:” title=”Offtopic :offtopic:” />foul, and also in hopes we might get some participation. So, if you have a favorite type of screwdriver, or wire cutters, or you've made a fabulous wire rack or something, please share it with us.

I'll start the ball rolling with a pic of a mandrel tool I cobbled…

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Vaping Tools


Hey guys
Where i can from butter & baked ejuice ?

Another cloud chasing picture thread

<img src="” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” data-url=”” />
Slice and .23ohm 80w

Suggestions for RTA for Vapor Production

Hi, I'm helping out a friend here wanting to have an RTA which is good for cloud chasing.

The only options available here in our area are

Mini Griffin, tornado, tornado nano, tvf4. (since this is the most realistic that we can get easily here)

Also seeking other suggestions from you guys. Thank you :p

RBA build for a newbie on a tfv4 mini?

So me and my roomate have a bit of a rivalry, that currently winning by a fair margin (I have a tfv4 on a ipv5, while he has a eleaf pico mega 80W)

However, when we are chilling in the common area, he's toking and I'm putting out moderate clouds on a stock coil (clapton Vertical premade coil I think, I'll check again when I take it apart next).

I'm pushing the max of 90W on this coil occasionally, but usually hanging out around 60-70w. The coil is .34 ohms, 90W makes 5.37 volts, but a…

RBA build for a newbie on a tfv4 mini?

Doge V2 VS Tsunami 24

My Doge V2 blows the Tsunami 24 out of the water when it comes to the same build coils, same wick.
I get probably 4x more cloud out of the Doge. sup with that?
I cant stand the heat build up from the doge (all Brass) so I dont use it often unless I need to clear a room with clouds lol

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