Need new tank setup for joye eGo mega twist plus

Need new tank setup for joye eGo mega twist plus

Hey everyone, consider my wife and I sort of semi-noobs but I'm trying to find a good tank setup for our ego mega twist plus batteries. Currently we're using Kanger pro tank 2 with the single coil design. I have been rebuilding these coils with kanthal and cotton for many months but we are just fed up with the leaking issue. <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice leaks all over the battery in time and it constantly spits. It's very high maintenance to disassemble and clean the coil. I read in another forum that many…

<a href="”>Need new tank setup for joye ego mega twist plus

Mutation XV5 build help

I recently bought a Mutation XV5 and I'm looking for a good cloud build. This will be used with my dual 18650(using lg hg2's) parallel mech mod. Currently using 100% VG with a .3 fused micro dual coil build using Kanthal.

I'm looking for advice for a build that will give great clouds. Flavor is not important but I do not want an overly hot vape. Preferably .2 ohm or above but will go lower for good clouds. Also open to builds using staple, Clapton, or braided coils and can be dual or…

Mutation XV5 build help

how to blow bigger clouds with an rda?

BEAST coil build in Cloud Chasing for Tesla Invader III FT. Sub Zero RDA.

Hi guys, I have a new Semi Mech mod. Any suggestion for best cloud chasing build for these?

My new mod is Tesla Invader III ft. Subzero RDA and a pair of LG HG2

Double vision RDA how to get the big clouds

Ok, so, i just picked up the Double vision from compvape and some fused clapton wire and I want those big clouds that i know you can get from this thing. Im running a kbox 120. The 1st deck i did 6 wrap dual coil with fused 28g*2 + 32g and Scottish roll. 2nd deck, 6 wraps Kanthal 22g with lush Japanese cotton strips. I'm at .11 on the kanthal and .14 on the clapton. Not much difference and no massive clouds like i was expecting. I'm pretty new to building, so I'm not sure which way to go…

Double vision RDA how to get the big clouds

RC car battery

I'm wanting to build a mech box for cloud chasing. A couple of people at the vape meet are using rc batteries. I've never built a custom box, but I'm looking at getting a hammond box. I'm just not sure what battery would be best for like a .05 .08 ohm build. If someone could chime in I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Best Tube Mod

Needing some opinions on a nice hard hitting tube mod. Probably hybrid top cap. Suggestion?

equipment for best clouds with current build

hello all,

I'm new to vaping and really like blowing clouds that also have decent flavor, but I don't know if I have the best setup to achieve this. I have a reuleaux 2/3 with a limitless plus rdta and i'm using the scottish roll method for wicking. I run it at 100w with .15 resistance. any recommendations?

how to blow bigger clouds with an rda?

Ok so I just recently got into RDA's, and have a limitless 200w box mod with a limitless RTDA I ijoy tank. I use 2 clapton coils made from 34k and 24k. 2.5 diameter at 0.55 ohms, and using Japanese cotton. It takes 2 sigelei 35A, 2500mAh 3.7v each. I run it around 60w.

So the clouds I can blow are pretty big but it seems some of my friends can use my vape to produce way bigger clouds than I can. So I was wondering what I could be doing differnt. Like the way I inhale maybe idk? And u see…

<a href="”>how to blow bigger clouds with an rda?

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