70/30 PG/VG

Nobody I've seen uses 70PG 30VG in RDAs. Why is that? Is it too thin of a juice?

Some guidance withy quad coil build.

So I just picked up a wismec reuleaux rx200s cause I needed a new vape. Also got a posiden quad coil rda just for chasing. I have 3 efest 18650 in it. I built it with some normal run of the mill kanthal 24g wrapped 7 times and put them in the rda on a diagonal and I'm using some of my buddies Japanese organic cotton. My juice is 100% vg with super low nic. I've only ran it up to 65w and it is alright. Not as happy with it as I want to be. I'm running .10 ohms as of now. I've never really…

Some guidance withy quad coil build.

How to get bigger clouds?

hey everyone I am currently running a fuchai 200w with a crown tank, I don't produce that much clouds.. how do you get bigger ☁️ ☁️?

20g Kanthal + questions

Hi, been getting into higher wattages and lower sub ohm vaping more and more lately. I love warmer vapes with lots of cloud production. I normally only use RDAs. I have been using 20g kanthal for a few months just doing very simple builds for low ohm readings. I am currently using 2 similar simple builds:

20g Kanthal 3mm ID 6 wraps on a Mutation X V4S 22mm RDA coming in at .12 ohms
20g Kanthal 3mm ID 7 wraps on a vaperz Cloud X1 Comp 24mm RDA coming in at .14 ohms

The Mutation is on a…

20g Kanthal + questions

Help with first serious build

I messed with a few before for fun but recently got an incubus and kennedy so I wanted to build a .07 ish build to use. I have 22 awg kenthol. What would yall recommend?

rayon cellucotton?

I just got this stuff yesterday and so far i like it better than organic cotton. it comes in 500 ft boxes for just over ten dollars and its easier to use than cotton because its all stranded already in one piece. It is made of rayon instead of cotton and gives a even cleaner taste and soaks up juice much quicker. has anybody else had any experience with this stuff yet? If you havent then definitely check it out. It can be found in most beauty supply stores like sally's. I want to know if…

rayon cellucotton?

What I couldn’t do without

Hotsale Kitchen Disposable Gloves Polythene Plastic Restaurant Home Food Cook Q. When removing a wick or coil to avoid washing my hands afterwards these are great. I recommend the seller "queenmade" at Ebay.

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Need simple cloud chaser builds for my mech

Need advice on simple cloud chaser builds for my mech I'm running a single lghb6 battery and I have 24G kanthal, 26G nichrome N80 and 26G ss316l wire

Cloud chaser advice

Hi I'm sorta new to cloud chasing and I recently built a zipper 0.10 ohm coil build on a velocity rda clone with a kanger kbox 200.
I've been using it for a few day and my entire set up seems to be getting very warm. Is this to be expected with very low sub on coils or should I be worried ?

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Love this chart

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