Big set up choices

I have been vaping for a couple years, mostly doing .5-1.0 ohm builds on RTAs such as the Kayfun Lite plus, Monster V3, Griffin 25, etc.

I am looking at a setup to either go on a Hammer of God v2 or v3 or possibly a CNC 1590n1 box.

I am looking at a big RDA to top it off. I was initially looking for an authentic Temple 30mm but no one has them. So now I am contemplating either a clone Temple 30mm or getting the X1 30mm. My question is, is the X1 an improvement over the Temple to begin…

Big set up choices

528 monster v3

Anyone have any good wicking techniques I'm running a Clapton on it and I'm pretty sure it's how the air flow Is set up but ever rip I take it sounds like it's flooded anyone else having this issue ?

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Can I wrap the coil wire around the screws instead of having to fit the wire through…

Hey family,

I only have one RBA. And I recently bought some premade coils. These coils are thicker then how I make my single coils and they won't fit through the post holes on the screws on my RBA . If we wrap the ends of the coil around the screw head will this provide a good enough connection to use ?

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Official good results with a dual 18650 mod (G-Priv 220) and 30 amp batteries.

So I've been using the Sense Blazer 200 tank (not with the blazer mod) and testing the fun, portable G-Priv and TFV8 V8-T10 coils at 125W max with air holes completely open safely reading 31 amps at most while using LG HB6s and I have to say it's more ridiculous in terms of vapor than I even need and will,stick with V8-T8 coils from now on. Though, I vape that coil at 102W and fog out my whole condo. Those taste great and I'm glad I don't need to go,near the 180W max suggested power. Those…

<a href="”>Official good results with a dual 18650 mod (G-Priv 220) and 30 amp batteries.

Low ohm builds

I have been building my own coils for a while now. And I'm well aware of ohms law. My question is how are cloud chasing builds of .06-.09 safe? They are exceeding 30amp of Sony vct. I guess my question is, why aren't we seeing more accidents?

How To Flash Coils And Clean Whick

Parallel coil build

Dual parallel build. 24 guage kanthal 8 wraps at 3 id. On the RX200, Goon RDA. Been vaping it for a couple days now but it delievers without a doubt.

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What I couldn’t do without

Hotsale Kitchen Disposable Gloves Polythene Plastic Restaurant Home Food Cook Q. When removing a wick or coil to avoid washing my hands afterwards these are great. I recommend the seller "queenmade" at Ebay.

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Good build using 20ga kanthal?? With glacier v3 RTA

I am looking for some good builds for the glacier V3 RTA I was wanting some different build using 20 gauge Kanthal and using 24 gauge nichrome 80 to produce big dense clouds I can't seem to find a build to produce dense clouds so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's my inhale technique or what thank you

Smok TFV12 – The Beast King!

Well folks Smok are releasing the king-ding-a-ling, the TFV12 with their biggest pre-made coil that can go up to 350w… yep you read that right
For those who like making there own coils they are giving you a double or triple option RBA.
Don't expect this sucker to be a juice friendly it's gonna be a fog machine …..

The blurb;

The beast tank has grown to be unprecedented strong and wild, with a 27mm chest, The newest TFV12 Sub ohm…

Smok TFV12 – The Beast King!

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