What will give me a denser vape?

I have only 2 kinds of wire to work with ATM.

Demon killer fused clapton wire 28ga*2+32ga (which I do not really enjoy working with so much)

UD Builders Choice 24ga Kanthal A1(plan on making it parallel)

I was reading and watching videos on making parallel coils with the 24ga wire and it seems like I may be able to manage that.

The question is: What would give me a denser, and faster, vape with the same size coils? Say wrapped on a 2.5mm screwdriver 6 or 6.5 times?

I will be building on…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/what-will-give-me-a-denser-vape.309034/”>What will give me a denser vape?

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