How to: Travel by plane with your Vape

So I'm heading to Vegas with the wife next month for a quick 4 days anniversary trip . Yes, I'm stoked about going, never been there before. I don't plan on checking a big bag, only a carry on. Now, if I plan on bringing my mod should I worry about not being allowed to bring it on board, especially if I'm bring e juice on board. I know liquids aren't allowed. It will be seen in the x-ray machine.

We all know how anal the TSA is.

What to do?


Guide to Selecting the Right Vaping Device

I thought in the interest of helping out newbies I would share the latest addition to our tutorial series:

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Guide to Selecting the Right Vaping Device


It hard to get flavors in singapore.. im only can buy VG and PG from chem ind in bulk.. but still got prob to make the essence..i had try once to import it but.. sing customs didnt release for it.. if i used baking essence it is okay?? #wonderinghow

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Dual Triple 24 parallel 7 wrap gives MASSIVE clouds!

Here is a vid from last night after i threw in this sick build!

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Sculptured Vape Organiser

Best cloud build for a Freakshow

The simpler the better. I just can't get this thing to produce clouds. Keep in mind I'm a new builder, and my Sigelei can't fire below .15. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just got the Smok Alien 220w Mod Kit. Want to upgrade the Baby Beast tank to something bigger?

Want something that holds more juice and gives out bigger clouds. Any suggestions besides the Beast Daddy??

Wicking the Serpent Alto

Anybody have the serpent Alto? Can't seem to wick it right.

Tried wicking it pancake style and it's flooding like crazy. I end up drinking the juice on the first few pulls. Not nice. Lol.

Also tried closing the air flow before refilling and it floods once I open it even if I turned it upside down before opening the airflow.

Tastes great though after I lose half the tank from leaking and me drinking some of it. Attached pics for reference….

Wicking the Serpent Alto

mixing ice menthol

mixing ice menthol

Hi Guys

I tried my hand at mixing my own a few months back but didnt have much success, I normally vape goodejuice ice cold menthol 6mg, was trying to make a flavor like that. All the combos I tried tasty too nasty, with that chemical aftertaste.

Any suggestions for ingredients? With all these new laws & taxes in the works I need to be able to make my own eventually


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