Istick qc 200watt charging question plz explain

Istick qc 200watt charging question plz explain

Okay I just got the new istick QC 200w it says it's a trickle charge or Quick Charge but it only came with a 2A USB charger do I need a 2A wall unit to plug it into to be a quick charge, or can I plug the 2A USB into any wall charger and is it supposed to get warm when it charges idk I don't want to plug it into the wrong thing and ruin it or anything to go wrong, understand what I'm asking? Or is it jus supposed to plug into a computer

twisting a single strand of round wire

anyone ever tried this? is there a point?

How to Fix Vuse E-Cig Cartridges (Red/White Flashing)

Hi all,

Just a video I made on fixing these broken cartridges.

Make sure you use really thin tweezers and straighten all 3 prongs out (they fail from bending). Make sure all 3 prongs are aligned at the edge of each ring inside the connections of the Vuse cartridge.

Enjoy! It won't work for all, but it will for most. Be careful fitting the cartridges onto the battery, it should be a smooth clip on, if there is feedback, you are most likely bending one or more of the pins inside the…

<a href="”>How to Fix Vuse e-cig Cartridges (Red/White Flashing)

Dual Parallel Coil builds?

Hey had a quick question can anyone tell me why some people say not to use ss, ni, or ti on a parallel coil build? Wondering if that info is accurate.

Best cloud chasing RDA that no one’s ever heard of?

Looking at the Mad Dog or Rabies RDAs.

Looking for room for big builds
Solid connectivity
Large postholes
Adjustable bottom airflow, with lots of air when wide open.
Options for dual to quad builds.

Thinking about cloud comps lately, so keep that in mind.

It's probably going on a H-stone venom mech mod and a IPV5 occasionally.

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