Vaping For Dummies Ep 1 Coiling and install

Vaping For Dummies Ep 1 Coiling and install

Weird cloud chasing question

Ok so my only current setup is an ipower 80w with a baby beast running the t8 coil and I want to dabble in cloudages. I can put out fairly decent clouds but I want more. I'm thinking pretty hard about retiring the BB and getting a troll v2 but I'm not sure if it and the mod will play well together. I like to think I'll be satisfied with simple coil builds. My intentions are either buying prewrapped coils or a spool of kanthal 24g or Clapton wire to wrap myself.

I just don't know what kind…

Weird cloud chasing question

I need help for choosing a quality starter product for smoke tricks!

Hello guys!

I’m a new guy, and to be honest I've never vaped before, and that’s why I need your help! Forgive me for I may sound ignorant in this post.. :)

I’m really into start vaping, the problem is as I mentioned, I have little knowledge about it.

What I’m looking for is a good quality fun product/set (mod.. tank.. eliquid (o nicotine, with some flavor).. everything I need) that would produce big fat and thick clouds which will help me do smoke tricks :)
I get that there are some…

<a href="”>I need help for choosing a quality starter product for smoke tricks!

setting up new coils .

hey guy
im new here i start making my own coils wraps . im using 28-30 Kanthal wire now .

Cloud Comp on Saturday

I thought I won this round. My friends said I should've won. In everyone's opinion, who won and why? Also, my friend didn't get my entire cloud in the shot but he got most of it. I do have Tourette's which is why I'm twitching.

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