Big baby beast rba

Hey guys i recently bought a big baby beast tfv8 i am using the rba that came with it but it seems i am not getting much flavor i believe it has the clapton coils i am using a vapemod 70-tc ive used it for 4 days and it seems like its not getting better am i doing something wrong any help would be much appreciated thanks

Best Mech Mod for cloud chasing

I've been using mech mods and unregulated box mods 85% of the time now for the last few months. I'm curious to know what is the best mech mod for cloud chasing. I currently have a vaperz Cloud X1 with the Fumy Tech Cyclon RDA and an Copper Aria Oros V2 with a Copper Goon. I build around .10 to .16 ohms and I use LG HB6 batteries so I'm within the safe amp discharge. I'm looking to but a new mod and I'm curious to know what's the best I'm looking at a Rogue, T.V.L., AV Able, and Manhattan…

<a href="”>Best Mech mod for cloud chasing

Cleaning Smok Coil in ~5 minutes for extreme juice change

Received a free sample of VW "Double Rainbow" ordered 2 weeks ago. Been letting it steep before veering off into taste testing any la-la land vaping. Ok not my cup of tea to say the least. Their website describes it as Skittles, reminded me of Pixie Sticks (bit chalky fruit tones) with a Lemon Pledge after taste. Using Smok BBB T8 0.15ohm ran the watts scale in 5w increments 50 to 85w (sweet spot stated 60-80w T8 0.15) Yeah reminding me of childhood Pixie Sticks with a cleaning the furniture…

<a href="”>Cleaning Smok Coil in ~5 minutes for extreme juice change

smok tfv8 coil

Can you use any smok tfv8 coil with the tfv8 tanks

Help with Regulated RDA

So im a heavy smoker (2 pk a day) and i just quit and switched to vapes. So i just bought some crappy vape to dral with not smoking. So now im looking for something that hots a lot harder amd i want to get a regulated rda because i dont have the time to get into mech mods and im also a noob. What do you guys suggest for a decently heavy mod and tank and such. So basically from everything i read this is what i understand so far as to what im looking for.
Regulated mod 200w
Sub ohm tank

<a href="”>Help with Regulated RDA

Baby beast clouds bro clouds hack

Made a weird accidental observation today. If you remove the drip tip from a baby beast, vapor is crazy intense, better flavor, and surprisingly it doesn't get too hot!

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