Innokin coolfire mini

need help is it possible to build a dripper for this mod

rig v2 hybrid disc

by any chance does someone know on here where you can buy a hybrid disc for the rig v2? seems mental that they dont offer or sell them on there website..

Who is Your Favorite Cloud Chaser?

Hope everyone is doing well and finishing out the year on a positive note….

All being said I was thinking of starting a weekly Google Hangouts Show. I am not trying to be another reviewer or anything like that. I would like to do more of a hangout doing interviews. I want to interview the Top Cloud Chasers in the business, The top Instagram/YouTube vapers, or top influential people in the industry.

I feel a lot of these people should get more recognition. I personally would like to get…

Who is Your Favorite Cloud Chaser?

Advice on coils for clouds :D

hey all not long got into vaping and i am using the smok procolor with a kylin v2 was just wondering what the best coils i could make out of these wires for maximum vapor thanks. :)

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