Best cloud chasing RDA that no one’s ever heard of?

Looking at the Mad Dog or Rabies RDAs.

Looking for room for big builds
Solid connectivity
Large postholes
Adjustable bottom airflow, with lots of air when wide open.
Options for dual to quad builds.

Thinking about cloud comps lately, so keep that in mind.

It's probably going on a H-stone venom mech mod and a IPV5 occasionally.

Stealth vaping for desk jockeys

If you have a desk job and you want to vape to your heart's content without anybody being any the wiser, here's an idea: a condenser box that you put under your desk and exhale your vapor into in total discretion.

All you need to make one is a large cardboard box with thin cardboard walls, some box tape, an aquarium hose and an aquarium ball valve.

Put tape around the edges of the box nice and tight, and anywhere the box might leak, so that any pressure inside diffuses only through the…

Stealth vaping for desk jockeys

Aromamizer plus RDTA and HOG V3 builds?

Anyone else have an Aromamizer plus RDTA on a HOG V3? And care to share what coil builds they used?

Vaping newb, dry hits :/

Hi everyone, Vaping newb here.

I bought an eleaf istick pico last saturday and I was very happy with it until this morning when I got my first few dry hits.

It comes with a melo 3 mini tank that has a 0.3 ohm ec head installed in it.

I primed the coil and tried again and still got dry hits, so I swapped the ec head with the extra one of 0.5 ohm that comes in the box thinking that the other head went bad.

I primed it and then tried again, to my surprise I still got dry hits.

My questions…

Vaping newb, dry hits :/

What Is The Best Sub-Ohm Mod For The Biggest Clouds Possible?


I have a few questions about cloud chasing and how to achieve the biggest clouds possible when vaping.

What is The best sub-ohm mod for achieving the biggest vapor clouds possible?

What mod do cloud chasing competitors use?

Do mods play a huge part in cloud chasing?

Thank you so much for your time and help. I really appreciate it and can not thank you enough for your input. :)

How to fix your SinceMyLastCigarette banner

I don't know why, but sincemylastcigarette seems to have changed how they want to generate their quit smoking banner. Unfortunately they didn't do a very good job of implementing that change. Their site is still generating banner code – but it's not the updated banner code you need to have. Here's how to fix it:

This assumes you still have the banner code in your signature. If not you will need to get it or recreate it at their site.

Go into you Signature setting, Edt Signature here. You…

How to fix your SinceMyLastCigarette banner

Cloud chaser No.1 :IJOY RDTA 5

IJOY has released many popular rebuildable dripping tank atomizer in the market,like IJOY COMBO RDTA,IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus,IJOY LIMITLESS RDTA Classic Edition and so on.And recently released the 5 generation: IJOY RDTA 5

IJOY RDTA 5– the fifth generation in the RDTA line, the innovative top fill design, makes the refill never been so simple! Upgrade multiple airflow system, add the bottom adjustable airflow to the…

Cloud chaser No.1 :IJOY RDTA 5

How to: Travel by plane with your Vape

So I'm heading to Vegas with the wife next month for a quick 4 days anniversary trip . Yes, I'm stoked about going, never been there before. I don't plan on checking a big bag, only a carry on. Now, if I plan on bringing my mod should I worry about not being allowed to bring it on board, especially if I'm bring e juice on board. I know liquids aren't allowed. It will be seen in the x-ray machine.

We all know how anal the TSA is.

What to do?


Guide to Selecting the Right Vaping Device

I thought in the interest of helping out newbies I would share the latest addition to our tutorial series:

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Guide to Selecting the Right Vaping Device


It hard to get flavors in singapore.. im only can buy VG and PG from chem ind in bulk.. but still got prob to make the essence..i had try once to import it but.. sing customs didnt release for it.. if i used baking essence it is okay?? #wonderinghow

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