Vandy Vape Mesh Wire rda

I Just got the Vandy vape mesh rda today…..any tips on what the best mesh is to use (Kanthal , NI , SS) and what the best setting is in TC for each one? And how often do I change it all out? Thank you

Cloud chasing box mod?

Hey guys. I was curious and thinking of jumping from my manhattan mod to a box mod. What are some good cloud chasers? Would it be better to have a regulated or non regulated box? Thanks… kinda lost

looking for the absolute greatest chasing build

hey guys i am a big cloud chaser. i love my flavor builds but i like to keep a cloud build ready for fun. im always looking for a better build and have built on both mech and regulated mods. i have built with both kanthal and nichrome. i recently bought 550 ft of assorted ss316L wire (22-36 gauge wire) and am comfortable building low. i have a great understanding of battery safety and know my limits on mech mods. if i get too low i can use tem p control on my box mods to safely run super sub…

<a href="”>looking for the absolute greatest chasing build

Need to build a good vape

Ok, I have tried many vapes and wasted tons of money. I finally bought this cheapo SMOK vape Pen 22. First time ever that a vape didn't make me want to hack up a lung or feel like I was trying to burn my throat down. I have tried different nicotine percentages and different vapes. I even tried 0% and low wattage with previous vapes and it would still kill my throat. My only guess is that it's due to the sub ohm tank on this pen, that makes my throat not hurt.
Now I have a new problem: I'm…

<a href="”>Need to build a good vape

Cool Smell

Broken Cartel Revenant

Broken Cartel Revenant

So I bought the Cartel Revenant about 3 months ago. Its worked beautifully until about a few days ago. Whenever I go to hit it, it'll sqeek for like .5 seconds, then turn off, then back on. Just to do it again. I've cleaned it from top to bottom, tried changing settings, different tanks, different batteries, and RDAs. Any idea what this could be? It's an expensive <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>mod so I don't wanna just relegate it to the shelf…

SS316L help!

hey everyone. Ill be quick!

not new to building, got a great deal on a coilart DPRO. Postless build deck pretty cool. Only downside it hold next to no juice.

i want to build a retard cloud chaser. Please help. Nothing lower than .2 ohms. I have the following wire to work with

All SS316L
26ga single
dual twisted 26ga
24ga single

i have tools to build 1.5mm – 4mm coils.

please help. Im getting clouds but not quite the fog machine craziness that im looking for.

26 gauge wire cloud chasing setup

All I have is 26 gauge wire rn, what kind of setup should I do to get the most clouds? Also what are yalls favorite 26 gauge wire builds.

battery help

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